Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simple B Stamps Valentine Blog hop (2015)

Hello Beautiful 1's and Crafting Friend's.. Thanks so much for stopping by today.. Happy Valentine's Day 2 Everyone.

Today we are sharing the awesome goodness we received from of swap partner. I have the very lovely Rio as mine and I love all the awesomeness that i got as well. I would like to start off with saying thanks for everything..

If you are here as your first stop please started with the first on our list and this is: Betty Roberts

So here is the Card she had with the Image we were provided to use for this swap.

Here is the awesome Package that came alone with this beautiful card as well

as well as this: Love Simply B Stamps newest collection

and these sweet treats:

Thank you so much for stoppping by and checking us out.. this next on our list is: Sharon Lewis

Here is the line of Crafts that participated in this Hop:

Betty Roberts

Corinne Jones

Iva Youngs

***Rj Avery

Sharon Lewis

Susan Renshaw

Christine Garner

Sheri Loatwall

Rachel Gillham

Robin Bogle   

Tina Keller

Maureen Scott

Amanda Phillips

Michelle Vata

Rio Ford

Anita Blake

As Always in Parting I wish U: Peace, Love and Blessings..



  1. Great card! And it looks like she may be keeping you busy for a while with those new stamps and papers.

  2. fab card and super sweet budle of gifts

  3. Hey RJ! Great gifts you received from Rio! I love her card she made too! Your a lucky guy with all those goodies!

  4. beautiful gifts Avery i bet you were over the moon and i expect Betty had fun putting it all together...have much fun crafting...

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